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About WorkShiftly Fee and Refund Policy

Subscription Fees

  1. Kerner Norland Pte Ltd (“Company”, “our”, “us”) offers the purchaser (“you”/ “your”) a free trial period of fourteen (14) days to fully evaluate WorkShiftly (“Licensed Application”) before you make the decision to purchase the full version. Once the trial period is completed, if you are interested in continuing with the Licensed Application you can purchase the same. If you have any questions prior to making the purchase, you can contact our support team at support@workshiftly.com. 
  2. Upon purchase you are required to pay a month-on-month basis prepaid subscription fee (“Subscription Fee”) which will be calculated based on the number of users and will be charged on a monthly basis. 
  3. You are liable to pay all taxes, stamp duty and other government charges which may apply to this policy or to the purchase of the Licensed Application under it. 
  4.  Unless otherwise specified, Subscription Fee and other charges paid using your credit or debit card is subject to merchant fees. 
  5. For single transactions, the Company shall charge the Subscription Fees to your credit card once, while recurring Subscription Fees will be charged in advance to your credit card according to your billing cycle. Your billing cycle starts on the date of your subscription and runs for thirty (30) days. 
  6. You agree to pay in respect of the Licensed Application, the applicable recurring Subscription Fees as specified in the subscription. 
  7. Payment of Subscription Fee must be made by way of direct debit from a credit card and will be deducted as per your payment authority. By using a credit card for the payment of the Subscription Fees, you represent and warrant to the Company that you are the authorized card holder and absolve the Company of any liability for any charges arising from the use of the Licensed Application.
  8. The Company reserves the right to amend its schedule of Subscription Fee and/or change its billing methods. Should you find any change or amendment unacceptable, you may opt to cancel your subscription and such cancellation shall be according to the provisions below. 

Refund Policy

  1.  No refund for breach– If access to your account has been terminated by the Company, because you are in breach of any and all agreements between you and the Company, you do not have any right to demand refund for Subscription Fees that have already accrued prior to such termination.
  2. Cancelation of Subscription– You can cancel your subscription through the billing page. Upon cancellation of your subscription you may email us at support@workshiftly.com requesting a refund. You shall go through the exit process as provided which would include a survey to understand why you discontinued the subscription.  You must notify the Company within thirty (30) calendar days of the cancellation in the event you need a refund. After thirty (30) days no refund will be paid for the cancellation. Refund can only be processed when the Company has validated that you removed all product activations of the Licensed Application from your system and that no security breaches have occurred at your end during the pendency of the subscription such as illegal use of your account by unauthorized personnel exceeding the number of users assigned to your account. You may opt to cancel your subscription at any time, and you will be entitled to a refund calculated on pro rata basis provided you requested for the refund within the given time period. Upon cancellation the Company shall discontinue the Licensed Application from your use.
  3. Upgrading/downgrading the subscription– You may add the number of users under your subscription at any time during your billing cycle, and you will be charged the subscription fee accordingly. In the event of downgrading and removing the number of users there shall be no refund for the remainder of the respective billing period.
  4. Refund Process- Once the Company verifies that you have deactivated the Licensed Application and that you have requested for a refund within the given period, the refund process shall begin. The refund amount is subject to the currency exchange rate and applicable bank fees at the time of the refund. 
  5. Refund timeline- It may take up to thirty (30) calendar days for the refund to appear in your statement, depending on your payment method.
  6. Without limiting other remedies, the Company may suspend the provision of maintenance support or other products or services if any Subscription Fees are overdue. You may re-activate your subscription following payment of all amounts due.