5 Ways to Transition to Remote Work

Not all jobs were designed to be remote, but since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020, many businesses have had to transition their team to working remotely, whether prepared or not. As a business owner, the idea of transitioning to a remote environment may seem intimidating, mainly if you or your team have never worked […]

Increase Business Productivity by Reducing Employee Burnout

A thriving business needs a solid team of employees. Businesses rely on their team and should be mindful of the possibility of burning out their employees. Employee burnout elevates healthcare costs to companies and employee turnover rates. As the common phrase goes, “it’s all about the customer.” Yes and no; as successful companies such as […]

Task Management for Remote Work

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular with businesses and employees. It is a way to save money on office space, reduce commute times, and enjoy the benefits of being at home. Unfortunately, this kind of work arrangement also brings new challenges. For example, limited physical interaction makes it harder to know what tasks need to […]

How to Improve Employee Productivity?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Monitoring employee progression is essential for business success and growth.  Improving productivity helps not only the business owners, but also company employees grow.  Effective productivity management requires mutual effort by both employers and employees alike.   Let’s explore several ways to manage and improve the productivity of your employees to […]

Why Task Management Software is More Essential Than Ever

The concept of ‘remote working’ has gained momentum in the world as it emerges from the pandemic. Businesses aim to define and refine new systems, processes, and procedures that deliver productivity for employers and bring about the much sought-after work-life balance, demanded by employees.  There are numerous advantages to embracing remote working from an employer’s […]

The Complete Guide on How to Manage an Outsourced Team

Why Should You Consider Outsourcing? Outsourcing has built businesses and transformed the landscape of work environments in positive ways. It can help businesses significantly reduce costs, increase productivity and achieve optimal results.  “The market size for global outsourcing reached $92.5 billion before the pandemic, meaning the demand for outsourcing is continuing to expand post-pandemic (fortunly.com).  […]

5 Ways to Transition to Remote Work

It’s 2022 and you’ve made the critical decision to adopt a new project management system for your business — Congratulations! Purchasing a project management system can be an investment that will change your business, improve productivity, boost ROI, and change the perception your employees have on you. When you have a better grasp on workflow […]