Employee Monitoring & Time Tracking

Consider how much more effective your company would be if you and your staff could easily monitor & track their time during work hours.

Automate Time Tracking

  • Simply join WorkShiftly and invite your staff to download the WorkShiftly client app and install it on their computers.

  • Once installed it will track what your employees do on their computers during business hours, time spent on projects & tasks, along with applications & websites.

  • Let us know if you need more help. Our onboarding team is always ready to assist with setting up for teams larger than 20.

Enhance the way you manage your business

  • Keeping track of performance whether you have remote employees, outsourced teams, or team members who work alone on the computer all day can be difficult.

  • WorkShiftly tracks how much time each team member or a group spends, broken-down projects and tasks wise. Eliminate human errors & increase productivity.

Unstable internet connection? No problem

  • Your working progress will be continually monitored and recorded whether you are working on your computer online or offline.

  • WorkShiftly continues to track your progress even if your team is working offline, or gets disconnected. Once online, data will be synchronized to your account.

Try WorkShiftly for Free

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Sign up with Workshiftly and get 14 days free. No credit card required.