Recurring & Offline Tasks Management

A hassle-free way to monitor your repeating tasks and any activities away from the computer.

Every Monday, two days or yearly?

Do not worry, WorkShiftly will repeat.

  • Say your workforce has activities that recur, for the most part, it is exceedingly difficult to keep track of such tasks, especially if they occur more frequently, like every day.

  • WorkShiftly lets you create recurring tasks with desired frequency for such activities and assign them to the people who are responsible for those tasks.

  • Your employees will work on them more consistently as WorkShiftly will let them know about their related tasks for the given day.

Working away from the keyboard?

Any work is work, Let’s not forget them either.

  • You may primarily want to make sure your work on the computer is in order. But let’s not forget that some employees may have official work outside the computer as well.

  • This is something many businesses fail to acknowledge just like over competitors. But WorkShiftly lets you decide if you want to track any away from the keyboard tasks as well.

  • You may not see exactly what they do, but you will certainly see the time they spend.

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