Track your employees' work times with ease

A punctual workforce is the beginning of increased productivity and WorkShiftly marks your employee work start, and end times effortlessly and you get to simply see all the data at a glance.

This is how your productivity gains begin!

  • Punctuality can never be understated. Knowing this, WorkShiftly has made it easier for you to track employees’ work times.

  • All your workforce has to do is to start working and we will tell you and your employees the time they have started working.

  • WorkShiftly work time monitoring not only encourages punctuality but also encourages work-life balance.

The Work Time Monitoring Report

  • This report shows the expected work start time, actual start & end times, whether employees are late to start or early to leave, and the status of their work period.

  • At a glance, you can see all these data to assist management decision-making. Want to send the report to someone? With 2 clicks, you can email out the report.

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