Data Security and Compliance

At WorkShiftly, your data security is our priority. WorkShiftly is built across multiple secure tiers and follows industry-standard security and compliance practices to ensure that your confidential information stays that way.

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We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS) to maximize the performance, resilience, and availability of our enterprise-level network and infrastructure services.

This partnership underpins the industry-leading security compliance of our cloud services.

Controlling the Collection of Confidential Data

We are aware that some of the data you store on our cloud may be confidential. WorkShiftly incorporates multiple points of security during data transit and rest.

Further, we grant you the control to manage and limit what data is stored by WorkShiftly. You can configure these settings at initial setup or subsequently as needed.

How Keep WorkShiftly Secure

Data Encryption

Data at rest

  • All client data, and activities at rest are encrypted with AES grade encryption.
  • All keys are stored and managed by AWS Key Management Service.

Data in transit

  • We prevent snooping or eavesdropping during transit by employing HTTPS, SSL, TLS protocols.

Access Control

For clients

  • Role-based Access Control (RBAC) for managing what data a user can read or edit.

  • Two-Factor Authentication for user login verification.

  • User data is accessed via a secure HTTPS connection.

  • Sensitive information (Passwords/Keys) is stored using strong hashing algorithms.

For WorkShiftly

  • WorkShiftly employees have no access to customer accounts unless necessary for troubleshooting or support.

  • Strictly restricted access to client data by WorkShiftly employees.

  • All company employees are vetted, go through a background screening process, and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • Credit card information not stored or transacted on WorkShiftly. All card information transactions are processed and handled over Stripe’s secure encryption, and Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant network.

Infrastructure Security

  • WorkShiftly is hosted across multiple regions and availability zones to mitigate environmental risks, such as flooding, extreme weather, seismic activity, and natural disasters.

  • Redundant networks, application, database, and storage services for load balancing in event of failure.

  • High-availability architecture to ensure automatic replication of data across multiple availability zones, allowing shorter recovery time with the highest levels of service availability.

  • Intrusion Detection, Firewall, Port Monitoring and Restriction across all tiers to minimize security threats.

  • Regular security and compliance audits, penetration testing were performed to confirm adherence to required security standards.

  • Data Center Access and Monitoring follows the AWS Global Security restrictions and compliance.

Data Retention and Deletion Policy

  • WorkShiftly retains all user activities, logs, screenshots for a period of 6 months, apart from account and user information provided your subscription remains active.

  • On the expiry of the data retention period, data is programmatically deleted and purged from our systems and those of our service providers.

  • We keep all protected data in confidence by restricting unauthorized access and will access it only for troubleshooting or support.

  • We will not use, sell, rent, transfer, distribute or otherwise disclose or make available protected data for the benefit of anyone other than WorkShiftly, without the customer’s prior written consent. 

Partners and Third Party Service Providers

Data Security and Privacy FAQ

Do you store my data?

Yes. WorkShiftly stores your data encrypted in highly secured database servers to generate reports and for other functionalities of WorkShiftly. Refer to our Privacy Policy if you want to find out more information about how we handle your data.

What type of data is saved?

WorkSiftly only collects application names and the duration, the user has used. If WorkSiftly admin has configured, WorkSiftly is capable of taking screenshots.

For how long do you store my data if I delete my account?

6 months.

How do you protect my privacy?

Workshiftly uses AES industry-standard encryption to store All customer data, credentials, logs, and activities and uses secured channels (SSL or TSL) to protect from snooping, eavesdropping or tampering with any data.

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